18 Absolutely Amazing CrossFit Transformations

CrossFit is quickly rising to one of the most prominent sports. But why? Simple--knowledge and self-awareness are at the cornerstone of its principles.

With any workout regime, the more aware you’re of your gains, the more likely you are to continue to work out. CrossFit uses these principles, and many more, as the foundation for helping people make transformations they didn’t think were possible.

The philosophy of CrossFit is that people are healthy and in shape when they focus on ten different areas of fitness: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy.

This well-rounded program helps you continually improve and strengthen yourself. It helps you push yourself past your boundaries and limits. In doing so, you will change. The program is designed to help you transform yourself in all aspects of your life: physically, diet, and mentally.

1. Weight Transformations 

Yes, your weight will change, but not always in the way you expect. You will lose fat, but will also build more muscle doing CrossFit, and muscle weighs more the fat. So the number on the scale may go up before eventually going down. But, the amazing transformation is this: you will realize that the scale isn’t important—it’s how your body looks and feels that transforms you. Don’t let the scale frustrate or scare you!

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2.  Energy Transformations

The more you work on CrossFit, the more energy you will have. True, you will be exhausted after each Workout of the Day, but overall, you will gain energy. You will have less fat and less wear and tear on your cardiovascular system. This will allow you to use your body more efficiently, giving you more energy. Sleep will become better. You will also gain confidence, which will affect your energy levels.

3. Flexibility and Agility Transformations

Many of the workouts of the day require you to stretch yourself, both mentally and physically. Many gymnastic type moves are used, especially with gymnastic rings and bars. Your flexibility will increase as you continue to improve in these specific workouts of the day. Your agility will also increase as you get faster and more accurate with each set. Recovery is also a key part of Crossfit, with products like vibrating foam rollers helping to not only alleviate those aches, but get your muscles more flexible and loose.


4. Accuracy and Speed Transformations 

CrossFit is full of competitors. Many want to be the fastest, the strongest, the most accurate. Speed and accuracy go hand in hand as your body gets better and more adapted to each workout. In the beginning, you will be slow and precise, but within three months your speed and accuracy will increase as you get to know each routine better.

5. Power Transformations

Look at the top competitors during the international CrossFit Games. Strong men and women are at the top of their game, surpassing Olympians. Pushing yourself past your limit will ultimately help improve your strength and your power. You will be amazed at the transformation. Eventually, what you thought was too difficult to do will become too easy for you.

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6. Confidence Transformations 

Many people who begin CrossFit do so because they want to improve their body shape or their weight or strength. By always pushing yourself past your boundaries, you will gain more endurance. You will gain the ability to do hard things and the willingness to try new things.

7. Patience Transformations 

Progress take time. Body changes take time. The ability to do more takes time. CrossFit is not a one-time miracle. It's not a quick fix. Yes, you will be able to see transformations after three months, even after one month, but your personal goal may take longer. As you continue to improve with Cross Fit, your patience will increase.

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8. Endurance and Stamina Transformations 

As you continue to push yourself, your ability to go further will grow. You will be able to do more sets and reps with more weights and intensity as your endurance grows. Your cardiovascular endurance will increase. And, you will want to keep pushing yourself.

9. Mental Transformations 

Your physical health and mental health go hand in hand. The healthier you are physically, the healthier you will be mentally. You will be happier—your body feels good, so your mind will feel good. You will have a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Determination and motivation levels will increase.


10. Cardiovascular Transformations

The cardiovascular system will be healthier than it was before CrossFit. You will be able to breathe more easily for longer. Your cardiorespiratory endurance will increase. It will even help your sleep apnea! Many CrossFitters have even mentioned that it has helped keep their asthma under control!

11. Dexterity and Grip Transformations 

Mountain climbers, move over. CrossFitters are known for their amazing hand grip and finger dexterity. With the number of workouts of the day that include bars, wooden gymnastic rings, dumbbells, and lifting, it’s no wonder that one of the biggest transformations happen to the strength of your hands. By using different grips, such as the Hook Grip, your hands will become more dexterous.

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12. Eating Transformations 

Better eating habits go hand in hand with CrossFit. As you work out more, you will crave foods that help to re-energize you, such as more protein and healthy fats. You won’t crave sugary foods as much because you will know what your body responds well to. And remember, CrossFit is amazing for your body, but your diet is more important for transforming your body. Many CrossFitters follow the Paleo Diet or the Zone Diet.

13. Knee Transformations

One thing that scares off potential CrossFitters is worrying about their knees. Anyone who has ever suffered a knee injury knows how badly overdoing it can set you back. CrossFit includes a lot of lifting heavy weights, lunges, and squats. Knees are repeatedly used each day in CrossFit boxes. But, don't worry. As long as you have the proper gear (like knee sleeves) and proper training, your knees will strengthen and won't collapse under you.


14. Fitness Goals Transformations

Numbers on the scale won’t be as important and won’t be the goal anymore. However, numbers will still be the goal. You will work towards a specific weight of dumbbells to lift, a certain number of reps to accomplish. Your strength, endurance, competition, and determination will be your new fitness goals.

15. Body Shape Transformations 

This is the biggest before and after transformation you will see with CrossFit. CrossFit tones your body and strips your fat. In doing so, smaller, skinnier people will begin to bulk up with good weight. Heavier, bigger people will get smaller by losing fat. Some people say their clothes fit better even if they gained muscle weight. Others say their skinny jeans and pencil skirts were tighter because of their enlarged glute muscles. Your muscle definition will be the showcase of your body, and inches on your waistline will disappear.

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16. Posture Transformations 

Gone are the days of slouching. CrossFitters naturally stand tall. As you learn the proper form of the Workouts of the Day, your posture will get better. You will have less back and neck pain, your gut will be tucked in, you will have better balance, your head will be held high, and your shoulders will be broader. It will even help to straighten out your back.

17. Quads and Deltoids Transformations 

The two most used and most important muscle groups in CrossFit are your quads and deltoids. As you continue working out, your quads will enlarge in muscle tone and become stronger due to the number of squats and lunges you will do. Don’t be surprised if the legs in your pants start to get tighter. With all the pressing, jerking, and lifting, your deltoids will also expand, grow, and strengthen. These will help improve your balance and give you more of a full, round look. Men—who wouldn’t want broader, stronger shoulders, core, and arms?

18. You Will Begin to Love Working Out 

CrossFit does a different Workout of the Day (W.O.D.) each day. Each class is different. Because you won't be stuck in the same humdrum routine on the same old treadmill, you will begin to actively adventure into your health. Each day will be exciting and new, which will make your workout something to look forward to. The CrossFit family, although competitive, is also very supportive. A great team of people is difficult to come by, and when you find people with like interests, your motivation drastically increases.

You Will Love Your Body

Body image is really challenging for some people to accept. But, when CrossFit, you become aware of more than just your looks. You become aware of your overall health. Thus, body image issues tend to dissipate. CrossFit drastically helps support you in your health transformations and your weight and shape goals. It will raise your confidence, and you will begin to love your body, no matter where in your fitness journey you may be.


 It's imperative that before you undergo any crossfit regime that you protect your health by using the right equipment


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