30 of the Best CrossFitters on Instagram

CrossFit training is a huge trend in fitness right now. There are even international CrossFit Games, similar to the Strong Man Games and Olympics.

Many CrossFit athletes have turned pro and have become coaches, own their own Cross Fit gyms, and create blogs, programs, or podcasts. They know what a powerful tool Instagram is, not only for inspiration, but also for updates, and short instructional videos on how to do different workouts. Here is a list of thirty CrossFit athletes you absolutely must follow on Instagram. 

1. Amy Zucal @zucalicous

This Denver based crossfitter is also a nutrition coach and a superfood consultant. Utilizing cross-fit gyms to help her train for Bikini and Fitness competitions in the World Beauty and Fashion Fitness affiliation, Amy encourages other women to live a healthy lifestyle with clean eating.

Amy Zucal

2. Annie Thorisdottir @anniethorisdottir  

Annie is a two time winner of the fittest woman award at the CrossFit Games in 2011 and 2012. This twenty-six year old Icelandic athlete is the co-owner of CrossFit Reykjavik. Not only does she do CrossFit, Annie also has experience in gymnastics, ballet, and pole vaulting. 

Annie Thorisdottir

3. Samantha Briggs @bicepslikebriggs  

Winner of the CrossFit Games in 2013, Samantha is nicknamed “The Engine.” She is part of Team Progenex, a line of protein and recovery powders. She loves to post videos of her training sequences to her Instagram account.

Samantha Briggs

4. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet @camillelbaz

In 2014, Camille was the fittest woman at the CrossFit Games. Besides 2014, she competed in the CrossFit games seven times. She also is currently serving on the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff. She loves to post artistic pictures of her training.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

5. Lauren Fisher @laurenfisher 

A young college student, Lauren loves to weightlift as part of her CrossFit training. She even won the USA Weightlifting Junior National Championship in 2014. Lauren loves posting a mixture of her young adult lifestyle and her crossfit training.

Lauren Fisher

6. Mat Fraser @mathewfras

A mechanical engineer who graduated from UVM, Mat Fraser was the 2016 CrossFit Games Champion after year of coming in second. Interestingly enough, his interest in fitness stems from being the son of two Canadian Olympic figure skaters.

Mat Fraser

7. Sam Dancer @samdancing 

The first thing you’ll notice on Sam’s Instagram account is his proclamation that he is a Christian. He own Qtown Crossfit gym where he partners with the Area 11 Special Olympics and helps train athletes with Down Syndrome. A fun-loving guy, his fans love his antics, such as painting his nails before each competition.

Sam Dancer

8. Courtney Donmoyer @petiteathleat

Courtney calls herself a Gym Gypsy. She is also a PN1 and ETP Nutrition Coach besides being a crossfitter on Instagram. She has a blog called Petite Athleat where she loves to talk about her appetite and her favorite indulgences in clean eating.

Courtney Donmoyer

9. Alessandra Pichelli @alessandrapichelli 

Supported by Reebok, Trifecta, and Diablo Crossfit, this five-time Crossfit Games athlete loves weightlifting. In 2016, she won the CrossFit Liftoff weightlifting competition with a 210 pound snatch, a 245 pound clean and jerk, and an AMRAP score of 360 reps. She was a collegiate rower for Saint Mary’s.

Alessandra Pichelli

10. Mikko Salo @mikkosalo63 

Mikko created a new training template called The System, which, on his Instagram account is “for those who want to outmeasure the full potential of their body.” It is for those whose time to train is limited. Mikko uses his Instragram account to discuss his training systems. He is also the 2009 CrossFit champion and a firefighter. 

Mikko Salo

11. Jill Hanner @jillhanner 

Jill is a CrossFit coach at ITB CrossFit in Woodbridge, VA. She is an Olympic lifter, and CEO of bakedfit.com Jill has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, so she has a limited diet, but has experimented with recipes to eat indulgent foods. She combines her love of food and fitness on both her website and her Instagram account.

Jill Hanner

12. Krystal Cantu @krystalcantu 

After losing her arm in a car crash, Krystal was determined not to let it slow her down. One of the most inspiring Instagram crossfitters, Krystal is a Level 1 adaptive coach at Crazytrain Crossfit. She loves to share her family life on her Instagram account. 

Krystal Cantu

13. Deborah Carson @dcordnercarson 

Deborah has lymphedema, a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system. However, she doesn’t let it stop her from competing in the CrossFit Games. She won the Spirit of the Games in 2012 after her ocean swim.  Recovery is a key part of her schedule, using products like our very own VIBR vibrating foam roller.

Deborah Carson

14. Chritsmas Abbott @christmassabbott 

Two times Crossfit games athelete and national weightlifter, Christmas is also the author of The Badass Life. This book is a month long guide to creating great habits of body, mind, and spirit. Chrismas is also a motivational public speaker.

Chritsmas Abbott

15. Hillary Froning @hillaryfroning 

A self-proclaimed Christian, Hillary loves to post about her family life on her Instagram. She also blogs about her life as a mother and her husband’s CrossFit training at Forever A Froning. Although not a crossfit trainer herself, Hillary’s husband is the fourth fittest man on Earth. She talks about how CrossFit has been a blessing in their life with all the new friends they’ve made and opportunities they’ve had.

Hillary Froning

16. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir @katrintanja  

Only 23, Katrin was 2015 and 2016’s Fittest Woman on Earth. She also won the CrossFit Games twice: in 2011 and 2012. Always happy and positive on her Instagram page, Katrin shares her workouts as well as her daily life. She also loves to post inspirational quotes.

Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir

17. Mark Smith @markadaptiveathlete 

Mark was diagnosed with meningitis and encephalitis when he was three years old. This left him blind, deaf, and paralyzed. However, after years of rehab, Mark was able to live a somewhat normal lifestyle. Although there are still some movements he can’t do, he remains positive and is a wonderful inspiration to athletes with physical disabilities.

Mark Smith

18. Kara Webb @karawebb1  

The official fittest athlete of Australia, Kara loves to dead lift. Only in her mid-twenties, she loves to share pictures of her not only lifting weights, but also lifting other people. Kara was awarded the Spirit of the Games in 2016 for representing Australia.

Kara Webb

19. Rich Froning @richfroning 

 Husband to Hillary Froning, Rich is a Christian CrossFit athlete. Rich has created his own CrossFit Mayhem workouts for strength, gymnastics, and conditioning. After winning four back to back individual CrossFit Games championships from 2011-2014, Rich has been dubbed the Fittest Man in History.

 Rich Froning

20. Chyna Cho @chynacho

Chyna co-owns and trains at the Crossfit of Fremont, CA and has been a four time competitor at the CrossFit Games. She loves lifting and shares pictures and videos of her doing so. A collegiate swimmer, Chyna got into CrossFit after she had surgery on both her knees.

Chyna Cho

21. Sara Sigmundsdottir @sarasigmunds 

In 2015 and 2016, Sara was the Meridian Regional champion at the CrossFit Games. She is also the third fittest woman on Earth. She loves Nike and Compex (an electric muscle stimulator). This Icelandic athlete is known for buoyant personality and love of pizza. She is a trainer at CrossFit Sudurnes in Reykjanesbaer, Iceland.

Sara Sigmundsdottir 

22. Jason Khalipa @jasonkhalipa 

Eight time CrossFit Games veteran, Jason loves posting not only pictures of his training, but also of his family, especially his children. Jason owns NC Fit in Los Gatos, California. He is a leader in not only the CrossFit world, but also the fitness industry. 

Jason Khalipa

23. Daniel Casey @wanderingprofit 

Daniel is an inspiration on losing weight through CrossFit. Before he began training, he weighed over 550 pounds. After only a year of doing CrossFit, he weighed only 400 pounds. His weight not only plagued his health, but also his work opportunities. He uses CrossFit to improve himself and to inspire others to do the same.

Daniel Casey

24. Julie Foucher @juliefouchr 

A medical student at CLE and a four time CrossFit Games athlete, Julie also owns her own website and podcast. She is a member of the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff. She loves to mold her passions of CrossFit and medicine together. In her podcast, Julie not only inspires listeners, but also interviews other CrossFit athletes.

Julie Foucher

25. Lindy Barber @lindybarber 

Lindy was always an athletic girl, playing every sport she could get involved in while growing up. After graduating college, she got involved in CrossFit, and during one of her training sessions, she ended up doing a squat incorrectly. She ended with scoliosis, spina bifida and a fractured L5 vertebra (spondylolisthesis). She didn’t let it keep her down. After five years of physical training, she was able to compete again in the CrossFit Games. Her Instagram account is inspiring to all girls and women.

Lindy Barber

26. Chris Spealler @cspealler 

Chris has competed in seven CrossFit Games and is an affiliate owner and trainer for CrossFit Headquarters. He loves competing as well as coaching and teaches many seminars around the world. His Instagram is full of videos and pictures of his workouts as well as his favorite hobby: skiing at his home in Park City, Utah.

Chris Spealler

27. Michael Cazayoux @michaelcazayoux 

CEO of Brute Strength, a tea of coaches and programs to help CrossFit athletes improve, Michael’s passion for life is CrossFit. He also has a podcast called Strongcast Radio. Michael loves to post pictures of workouts, his home life, and food he eats.

Michael Cazayoux

28. Adee Zukier Cazayoux @adeecazayoux 

As Michael Cazayoux’s wife, Adee helps out with Brute Strength. But, she is also CEO and founder of her own company: Working Against Gravity, a program that helps CrossFitt athletes train with weightlifting. Adee loves to post pictures of her husband, her workouts, and inspirational quotes.

Adee Zukier Cazayoux

29. Mike Deboever @mikedeboever

A kinesiologist and owner and head coach at Reebok CrossFit YUL, Mike love to coach athletes in becoming better at CrossFit. He loves posting pictures with the people he trains ad always has a happy and exciting attitude.

Mike Deboever

30. Kristin Holte @holtekristin 

Kristin is a three time CrossFit Games competitor, a Reebok Athlete, Invictus Athlete, and competes for Team PurePharma. She is also a nutritionist. Kristin loves to post pictures of her workouts both in CrossFit gyms as well as in the mountains.

Kristin Holte



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  • Greg

    You missed Ray Carr. Masters games Athlete and #1 Instagram guy. His Instagram’s have fitness, donuts, dancing…and he’s a real American Hero, US Army 20+ year Vet and still active duty

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