The ULTIMATE List of CrossFit Competitions For 2017

CrossFit is one of the most popular ways to get fit and stay fit out there today. It has gotten millions of people active, healthy, and in the best shape of their lives.

It works by focusing on getting the entire body fit through a mix of pull-ups, squats, and a wide array of movements designed to push people to their limits and beyond.

CrossFit times and scores the workouts, which lends itself perfectly to competition, and more than a few people who do CrossFit are a little curious to see how they stack up against others.

Beating your own time is one thing, but rising to the challenge of what others can do is another. It’s no surprise that CrossFit competitions have popped up all across the nation and beyond.

There are competitions for all ages and fitness levels, and prizes vary by the size of the event. These competitions happen during all times of the year, so no matter how busy your schedule, you can find one that works.

CrossFit Allectus Beginners On-Ramp Course: Alexandria, MN: March 31st

As great as it is to see a bunch of Rx-ers hitting full beast mode, that level of performance takes time to achieve.

It can also make it intimidating for the CrossFit beginner to enter a competition, even if there is a beginner’s division.

That is why the Beginners On-Ramp Course is the perfect way for those new to CrossFit to compete and lay a solid foundation to build that Rx castle on. Keep in mind that just because it’s for beginners doesn’t mean it will be easy.

crossfit allectus - poster

War Games: Durant, OK: April 1st

Hosted by CrossFit Unshakable, this inaugural event is suited for every division, Novice, Rx and Standard. The day will offer both men and women of all ages and abilities to opportunity to compete to show off their gains. It is structured for same sex competitions in every division with 3 WODs and a championship round to end the day.

poster 1

The CrossFit Rising Star RISE-UP! Charity Challenge: Rutland, VT: April 8th

St. Jude Children’s Hospital takes care of severely ill and injured children, free of charge while giving hope and support to their parents. But they can't do it alone.

The Rising Star RISE-UP! Challenge is there to make sure that St. Jude can keep going.

It's open to same-sex teams, Rx or scaled. Take on five souls screaming WOD challenges and show the world you are almost as tough as the kids at St. Jude.

poster 2

Roanoke Valley SPCA Benefit - Roanoke Valley CrossFit: Roanoke, VA: April 8th

Many of us give our pets lives of pampered luxury, but sadly, not all our furry friends are so lucky. This is why organizations like the Roanoke Valley SPCA are so important, and also why events like this one which helps fund them are important too.

There are four divisions to compete in – male/male Rx, female/female Rx, and the scaled versions of the two. The top five teams in each division get to compete in one final workout to determine placing.

poster 3

Set Gym Records at Cue CrossFit: Seattle, WA: April 15

Are you ready to grab the glory? Cue CrossFit will put your name on permanent display if you are the best when it comes to doing a snatch, bench press, pull-ups, row, plank, double unders, and a slew of other exercises.

Win it, and your name will be on the wall for everyone to see – until someone better comes along.

Every once in awhile, we need a reminder that there is a difference between earning greatness and glory and keeping it.

There will be other prizes for the winners and something special for the first 50 people through the door.


IV Annual WODism for Autism: Nanuet, NY: April 22nd

Hosting a cap of 35 teams, the WODism for Autism is a great way to compete and give back. Available for both Rx and scaled divisions, this event will have 4 scored workouts in 3 events. This is a great way to show off your strengths and see where you rank among the competition. The best part, the proceeds go to a worthy cause.

crossfit celebrities 2

CrossFit Pregnancy & Postpartum Considerations with Brianna Battles: Livonia, MI: April 22nd

This one is for moms, and anyone willing to stand behind one and help her be the best mom she can be.

Pregnancy is rough, and so is dealing with a fussing but lovable baby who wakes us up every couple of hours. This makes it easy to fall out of the exercise habit.

Join Brianna Battles as she teaches women ways to get back in the gym and fight post-partum depression. This event is open to everyone, of any fitness level.

Brianna Beattles

Does Your Family Even CrossFit 2: Oxford, MI: April 29th

Finally, something for the family to do that doesn't involve everyone sitting around and staring at their phones. This CrossFit family event pits moms and dads against their little ones, or not so little depending on their age.

All workouts and activities are age appropriate and scaled for fitness level. They all take place in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Not only is it a fun day, but it will also teach kids that fitness doesn't have to be the boring aerobics and calisthenics from high school PE.

CrossFit for Dreams: Grove City, OH: April 29th

This is another charity drive that is fun for the whole family, and it's open to all ages and fitness levels. It’s a great way for those who are new to CrossFit to get pumped about competing. Buddy Ball at Grove City Dream Field, a program to help children and adults with mental and physical disabilities play baseball, is the lucky beneficiary of this event.

crossfit for dreams

Daniel Plan Sports - CrossFit for Veterans: Lake Forest, CA: May 1st

This one is only open to veterans and active duty US armed forces personnel, and their dependents. NO EXCEPTIONS!

This is less of a competition and more of an outing for those who keep out nation safe and free, and their families. It caters to all fitness levels (Marine Force Recon to Air Force ) and seeks to help in community outreach for veterans.

Sopris CrossFit Spring Fling Competition: Carbondale, CO: May 6th

Like to keep it simple? The Sopris Spring Fling competition does just that. It’s a CrossFit competition that is open to Rx and scaled, with a good selection of exercises to choose from.

Teams are one man, one woman who can take this opportunity to show everyone what they are made of. All proceeds go to support the Crystal River Elementary PBL Kid UNICEF Project.


Schedule II CrossFit presents the 24-Hour WOD-A-THON: East Hampton, CT: May 12th & 13th

Think you got endurance? Well, prove it. The 24-Hour WOD-A-THON will have competitors doing one workout every hour, on the hour, for 24 straight hours. It’s a test of physical and mental toughness. Wimps need not apply.

Also, this isn’t for beginners. Participants must be experienced at CrossFit. There will be three categories (heavy, challenge, and light), and some of the proceeds will go to the Prader-Willis Foundation.

Babes & Beards CrossFit Competition: Wellington, FL: May 13th

Open to same-sex or co-ed teams, Babes & Beards is a CrossFit competition that is open to all ages--or as they put it, from diapers to Depends.

The meet is Rx or scaled which includes weight lifting, four killer WODs, and a ton of effort. Participants get a professional picture taken after they finish so that they can share the sweat with friends and family.

crossfit - babes and beards

MS Massacre- Partner CrossFit Competition: Reidsville, NC: May 13th

CrossFit for charity seems to be a pretty common theme if you haven’t already noticed, and the lucky charity for this bout is the National MS Society.

While the competitive spirit here is real, the main goal is to fight this horrible disease. The MS Massacre has three divisions – Rx, Scaled, and Beginner. Even if you literally started CrossFit yesterday, you can come out and see how well you do while doing some serious good.

CrossFit Twinsburg SUNS OUT GUNS OUT CrossFit Competition: Twinsburg, OH: May 20th

This is a team-based event that consists of teams of two male and two female athletes. The competition is Rx or scaled so that anyone can enter. What sets Suns Out Guns Out apart from many other competitions is its focus on people working as a cohesive team.

Individual endurance and ability will only get you so far here if you can't cooperate with your partners. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each division.

PCF 3.0 CrossFit Competition - Mixed Partner: Winnipeg, MB (Canada): May 27th

This male/female mixed partner co-op with Rx, intermediate, and scaled divisions.

Are you ready to take on 3 WODs designed to push you and your partner to the limit? It’s all in a day’s fun. They have prizes for the first three teams, in each division.

There are only 20 spots per division, so sign up soon.

poster PCF

Route 66 Showdown: St. Robert, MI: June 10th

Bragging rights and swag bags are what this showdown has to offer its winners. Hosted by CrossFit, St. Roberts, this event is sure to be one to keep you competitive. This is the first year that St. Roberts is attempting a team style competition, so look for something new at this event.

Team style competitions are structured so that same gender partners can compete in events. The Route 66 Showdown will offer 4 WODS and the top 5 teams will advance to the finals.


CrossFit for Cancer: Columbia, SC: June 17th

It’s not often that people have the chance to get in shape for a good cause, but this is what CrossFit for Cancer lets participants do.

100% of the money raised at this event goes to SCOA Cares Foundation. The event will include vendor booths and raffles. If you are coming in from out of state, remember that June in South Carolina is hot, hot, hot.

Police Benevolent Fund - CrossFit Pushin Weight: Midlothian, VA: June 17th

Get into beast mode and support our men and women in blue at the Police Benevolent Fund hosted by CrossFit Pushin Weight.

It’s open to everyone of all ages, from experts to beginners. No matter how fast you run that day, no police officer in attendance will write you a speeding ticket. All net profits will go to the Police Benevolent Fund, so come on out.

We owe the brave men and women who keep us safe that much.

Guardian games

CrossFit Iron Triathlon: Huntington Park, CA: July 15th

Think you have what it takes to run with the big dogs? Check out the Iron Triathlon and see if you can hang with the competition. Slated to take place in Huntington Park, California, the event is sure to test your strength, determination, power, and passion. It’s certain to be a great event.

Test Your Metal: Allentown, PA: July 15th

Hosted by CrossFit Advance, Test Your Metal is part of the SportsFest venue held in Allentown, PA, every year. This event is open to any level of CrossFitter, and 2017 marks a year of change for this event.

This is the first year that they will be hosting same gender team competitions. So, find a partner, and get ready to test your metal this July.

Test your metal competition

Second Annual Summer Steamer: Salem, MA: July 22th

This event’s mantra is, “If you think you’ve got it, come flaunt it.” And why not, right? Grab a teammate, and come show the shores of Massachusetts what you’ve got. The Summer Steamer is meant to showcase athleticism, and it does so with three different workouts and then an additional floater event.

Summer Steamer Throwdown

The Masters Tour: Travelers Rest, SC: July 29th

This event is for the young at heart, not the young on paper. It’s designed to see where those CrossFitters ages 30+ stack up against both national and local competition. Coordinators are projecting 3,500 participants at this year’s competition, so you’re sure to get a good look at where you rank among the masses.

Masters tour

CrossFit J-Town’s Bro’s and Hoes: Hopatcong, NJ: August 5th

A co-ed partner event is what J-Town calls its “Battle in the Burbs,” and it sure to be a good time. The event is suited for both Rx and scaled divisions, so there’s plenty of competition opportunities. It’s designed to test how far you can physically push a relationship. The top 3 winners advance to a final round WOD.

Crossfit Jtown

Mayhem on the Mountain: Pelham, AL: August 19th

Sponsored by Oak Mountain State Park, the event planners for Mayhem on the Mountain guarantee a great time. With 7 individual divisions to choose from, there is literally something for everyone at this Alabama competition.

  • Men’s Rx
  • Women’s Rx
  • Men’s Scaled
  • Women’s Scaled
  • Men’s Masters (40+)
  • Women's Masters (40+) "Contingent on registration"

The Southeast Throwdown: Powder Springs, GA: August 26th

Heading into its second year, the Southeast Throwdown is anxious to spread it’s message. “We strive for excellence and diversity as we seek to empower the community through healthy lifestyle changes.” This event is sure to be a great opportunity to get gritty and show off those gains. This year, the competition will host same gender teams in both Rx and scaled divisions.

SETD Team Liftoff: Powder Springs, GA: November 4th

Another in a long line of SETD competitions, the Team Liftoff event is designed for same gender teams to compete in weightlifting competitions. Participants can decide who participates in what lifts, but each team member must do 3 out of the 6 events. The events include:

  • Max Back Squat
  • Max Bench Press
  • Max Shoulder to Overhead
  • Max Deadlift
  • Max Snatch
  • Max Clean and Jerk

Masters of Mayhem: Byron Bay, NSW (Australia): November 11th

Hosted by Amanda CrossFit Allen, this competition is designed for athletes over 35 who refuse to age. It’s available to male/male partners or female/female partners. There’s also an individual competition you can compete in if you choose. Just keep in mind, there’s no telling what to expect here. Just expect to be gritty the entire time.

Amanda Allen

Team SuperFit Roanoke 2017: Roanoke, VA : December 2nd

Looking to try something different? This 4 person team event is a great opportunity to do just that. It’s open to any level of crossfitter, from novice up through Rx divisions. The competition will incorporate many different skill sets and will require athletes to excel in strength and endurance.

Team SuperFit

The Amsterdam Throwdown: Amsterdam, KP (Netherlands) : December 3rd

See if you can get through three different qualifying WOD rounds so that you can appear at the Amsterdam Throwdown. This event is not for amateurs. The competition is fierce. So, if you want to earn a spot on one of Amsterdam’s biggest stages, you better keep pushing yourself to make those gains.

Amsterdam Throwdown

If you are looking for more CrossFit events, you can find more as they are announced by checking out this calendar.

For such a gruelling calendar, you're going to need the right equipment for recover! Why not try our VIBR vibrating effect foam roller to loosen up those tight muslces.


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