Understanding Your New Crossfit Grips?

In this brief book we’re going to explain whats happening to your hands without grips, show you how to get the most out of and improve your training at whatever level you are at and give you the most commonly asked questions about your grips so you can get up and running or lifting ASAP! So lets begin.

Crossfit handgrips are important for any aspect of your workout of the day. During the intensive workout, you are likely to find your hands hurting due to the friction and constant strain on the palms of your hand from the lifting, pulling and sweating that you are doing.

As our skin sweats during Crossfit, competitive gymnastics, or casually working outs, it becomes susceptible to abrasions and other causes of blisters, calluses and cuts. Grips can solve this problem.

What are Calluses?

Calluses are areas of thick skin caused by pressure or friction. The pressure causes the skin to die and form a hard, protective surface. While training they may cause pain and with high intensity workouts, they can tear leaving sores that put your training back weeks. Remove the friction and pressure on your hands by protecting your palms and you will have protected hands and a far stronger grip to produce better performances in your workouts.

When To Use Your New Emerge Grips?

The Emerge Grips can be, used in almost any areas of your workout process. Pull-ups, high bars, rope climbing, and almost anything else you can thing of.

Specifically we are going to talk about Weight Lifting and Olympic Lifting, use in the Gym for Fitness and general Working out, and a little section on Pull-Ups specifically because of it’s popularity.

So without further ado, lets begin.

Weight Lifting and Olympic Lifting

Weight training is an essential part of personal fitness, so ensuring you have the right equipment to successfully complete that training is important. Weight lifting grips help ensure a good grip on the bar, which will aid in safe lifting during any workout session.

An unsure grip while lifting weights can cause injury to muscles from improper technique. Lifting bars are rough and textured to allow for grip, however, this also causes people who lift often to have rough and callused hands.

Calluses can make the skin rough and more prone to cracking. Simply using your new weight lifting handgrips can save the palms of your hands. Good news!

They will provide your palms some much-needed relief from the stress of holding the bar, as well as supporting the strain on your hand. Wrist wraps for lifting are an added bonus to lifting grips and are sometimes found combined with the exercise grips. Different weight lifting grips feature special materials or wrist support systems, but the best weight lifting grips are ones that fit your hand comfortably, and maintain their shape and flexibility during the session.


General workouts and physical fitness can benefit from a set of workout grips as well as any other activity. Your New Emerge Grips will provide you with the support in the weaker parts of your hands, and prevent strains one the tendons of your thumbs and fingers. Until the muscles are built in your hands, you will often feel a strain in your hands after casual weight training because of the pull that the equipment puts on it.

Using your grips will allow you to workout for longer without feeling that strain during and after the exercises. More good news!

Workouts are designed to be rough on the body because that is how muscles are built, but without protecting your hands, you will encounter some long and painful workout sessions when you develop blistered hands from the process. Remember to wear your grips.


Pull-ups are a big topic of interest and notorious for tearing up the palms of your hands because of the nature of having to resist slipping on the bar as you pull yourself up. From blisters to calluses, cuts to tears, anything is possible for skin damage from a pull-up. There are a few solutions including chalk, tape, gloves, and others, but the most simple and proven solution is a pull-up handgrip.

The Emerge Grips provide a tough surface between your skin and the bar that provides the added friction necessary to relieve stress from your hands. Unlike Pull-Up gloves do not breathe as well, and react to chalk differently.

Handgrips for pull-ups are necessary to achieve a consistent workout routine because without, you would spend more time nursing hand injuries than you would strengthen the muscles that were targeted originally.

Your Emerge Crossfit Grips

The Benefits Of Emerge Crossfit Grips

No More Calluses

WODs with torn hands is a pain. Not any more. Say goodbye to slow frustrating training, torn hands, ring finger calluses and sweaty hand grips. Get ready for callus free, comfortable hands in your crossfit or gymnastics training. Our breathable wrist wraps are the perfect palm protectors for men and women pushing their boundaries.

Comfortable, Breathable Gym Grips to protect your hands in your Crossfit, WOD’s or gymnastics training.

Smash Your PB’s & Accelerate Your Gains With A Stronger Grip

We all want to improve. Complete multiple high rep workouts and protect your palms in the process. Perfect for kettlebell swings, toes-to-bars, kipping and butterfly pull ups and all other exercises where you don’t want a slipping grip. Keep your grip without excess chalking. Palm reinforced with PVC leather & silicone printing for better grip.

Tight Fit For Longer Lasting Comfort With Extra Stabilization and Support

Longer wrist wraps for superior support. Breaking in may take several weeks but the long term effect is worth it. Many grips dig in and are uncomfortable, pinch, blister, restrict movement, or make calluses worse. We use extremely durable but comfortable textured leather callus guards that our cross athletes tell us are the “…easiest pull up grips I’ve ever had to break in.” Feel physically stronger in comfort with Emerge essential hand protectors.

Grips FAQ’s

Can I wash or clean my grips?

Grips will need to dry out in-between WODs in order to extend their lifespan … they can then be brushed clean if necessary. Do NOT wash.

How long do the grips usually last?

They will last 3-6 months depending on frequency of use. Our Crossfit Grips are easily secured with the velcro wrist wraps. Obviously you can use your own wrist wraps or athletic tape underneath or on top for your personal comfort or needs.

How do I prep my grips for a WOD?

When your Emerge Crossfit Grips arrive you only need to take them out of their packaging, put them on, secure at wrist and work out. Chalk up as required – the grips come with a carry bag to store your chalk – otherwise no preparation is needed, warm up and hit your WOD.

Duncan Peters
Duncan Peters

My name is Duncan Peters. I'm a former competitive power lifter and gym owner. I've bought millions of dollars of fitness equipment over the last 20 years.

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Thomas Gonzalez
Thomas Gonzalez

February 23, 2017

Hi. I bought a new Emerge EX2 pro susp. trainer and there were no instructions and I haven’t been able to find the extensive library of exercises on any website. Can you direct me to an information site please?

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