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  • High-Density Neoprene (7mm)
  • Cross-Stitching Reinforcement
  • Sports Therapy Precision Design
  • Non-Slip Fabric Material
  • Easy To Wear

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Our 7mm Compression Knee Sleeve offers the perfect support for CrossFit athletes. Designed to enhance muscle performance and mobility, our compression sleeves will give you the unrestricted movement you need to stay competitive while providing you the support you need.


  • High-Density Neoprene (7mm) for durability
  • Cross-Stitching Reinforcement for knee strength support
  • Sports Therapy Precision Design for recovery and to help avoid injuries
  • Non-Slip Fabric Material for firm fit
  • Unisex
  • S to XL available sizes
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Sick and tired of knee injuries? No one wants to be laid up and suffer from knee pain in training or competing.

Our Emerge sleeves are designed with premium quality materials that are built to last. They are a perfect solution to improve your joints and support a wide range of movement. Our breathable yet durable knee sleeves are the ideal solution any CrossFitter or heavy weightlifter looking for the best knee support.


The Emerge Knee Sleeves are designed by sports therapists for recurring injury prevention and increased joint performance. It aids blood circulation and muscle recovery, and gives rejuvenating relief to arthritis, tendonitis, pain, and discomfort.

Our knee sleeves are used by professional fitness professionals in powerlifting, team sports, individual sports, general fitness, stability exercises, joint support, and joint rehabilitation.


Emerge knee compression sleeves give you protection and recovery anywhere.

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Compression Knee Sleeve Support (7MM)

Try It 60-Days Risk FREE | Designed in USA

100% Money Back Guarantee | 42 Reviews

  • High-Density Neoprene (7mm)
  • Cross-Stitching Reinforcement
  • Sports Therapy Precision Design
  • Non-Slip Fabric Material
  • Easy To Wear


what are knee sleeves used for?

Knee sleeves have several benefits, making them a great piece of kit to have in your gym bag. They provide joint compression and support, help to reduce swelling and pressure on the knees and help to prevent injury during lifting and high impact sports.

why should i use knee sleeves?

Knee sleeves have a range of benefits for crossfit athletes. They help to protect against future injury and to protect previous injuries from worsening. They have a compression element, which increases blood flow and circulation, therefore reducing pain and swelling during and after a workout. They do this by keeping the area warm, limiting patella movement and increasing proprioception.

when should i start using knee sleeves?

Knee sleeves do NOT need to be worn for all weightlifting exercises. If the knees are not the primary source of lifting, then they will serve no purpose. Sleeves do provide support for squats, snatches and clean and jerks. If you have suffered from a previous injury, leaving the knees weak, then sleeves can be a great support and can prevent further injury. We normally find that crossfit athletes purchase knee sleeves after a year or so, as up until that point they are simply building up the weight they lift, but you will know when the time is right for you.

How tight should knee sleeves be?

The knee sleeves should have a good firm fit, but should not be cutting off your circulation! If you are between sizes, we do recommend you size down in knee sleeves as they do slacken after a couple of wears, and you don’t want them to be slipping down mid-workout!

how do i wash knee sleeves?

First things first, prevention is key! To avoid mildew (and other nasties) from growing in the first place, try to avoid throwing your sleeves in your gym bag and allowing them to fester between sessions! Allow them to air dry inside out after a session. If necessary (depending on how often you work out) throw them in with a normal load of laundry and allow them to fully air dry before their next use. If that doesn’t quite cut it, boil your knee sleeves in hot water for 5 minutes then remove the pan from the heat. Add a small amount of non-bio soap and allow sleeves to cool in the pot. Rinse through and allow to air dry. And if that fails, it's time to bring in the big guns! A dual edged sword to beat mildew is heat and distilled vinegar. Bleach and chlorine based cleaners can possibly weaken the textiles of your sleeves so best to avoid these. Heat a large pot of water, and pour into a bucket with 2-4 fl oz of distilled white vinegar. Leave sleeves to soak for 10 mins, throw in with a normal load of laundry and chlorine free detergent. Allow to air dry.

Are knee sleeves good for arthritis?

To clarify, a knee sleeve is not the same as a knee brace. The latter is designed and used to protect a prior injury or condition from further endangerment, whereas a sleeve is designed to protect against future injury and risk of damage. We recommend you seek medical advice if you have a previous injury before commencing any form of strenuous exercise - best to be safe!

Will knee sleeves stretch?

Yes, they will stretch to some extent, which is why we recommend sizing down if you are between sizes. There’s nothing more annoying than having your sleeves fall down mid-workout!

Can I wear knee sleeves all day?

There’s no rule against it, but if you’re asking the question because you have a weakness or prior injury to the knees which needs supporting all the time, the chances are you need a knee brace rather than a sleeve. You can get advice on this from a medical professional.

Can knee sleeves cause blood clots?

Blood clots can be caused by many different things, such as genetics, mobility, age, weight etc. However it would be almost unheard of for a knee sleeve to cause a clot on its own. Clots frequently form due to immobility and poor circulation, and if you are a crossfit athlete, you likely have great circulation and will definitely not be immobile! Knee sleeves are meant to be close fitting, but are certainly not tight enough to restrict your circulation. If you have a venous disorder or a family history of blood clots, you need to speak to a medical professional before undertaking any form of strenuous exercise.

Can knee sleeves cut off circulation?

If you bought a sleeve that was far too small for you then yes, but our handy measuring guide is here to help with that! Our sleeves are designed for athletes who want to protect themselves against possible injury, or those who have lower body injuries that need support, such as sprains, shin splints, calf cramps and Achilles tendonitis, so they provide support, but don’t impede circulation.

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Mark W.Verified BuyerUSA

Best sleeves

“Best sleeves I've ever purchased.”

Scott H.Verified BuyerUSA

First Time Great

“I have only worn them 1 time. But, first time out they were outstanding. Compression gave great support and they kept the knees warm throughout the workout. Also, warmed up without the usual knee discomfort felt before I was thoroughly warmed up to train. We'll see how they hold up after many uses.”

RoyVerified BuyerUSA

Knee Saver

“This is my second pair of Emerge knee sleeves. My first were a pair of the 5MM sleeves. I wore them for a long time before leaving on my dash to dry-out for too long too many times accelerated the degradation of the seams. I stepped up to the 7mm and I love them. I experience pain in my knees more often than not on leg days. Wearing these allows me to work-out at full capacity without experiencing the pain I would otherwise. The price can't be beat and the shipping is super quick thru the Emerge website!