Full Body Weight Workout Kit EX2 By Emerge
Full Body Weight Workout Kit EX2 By Emerge
Full Body Weight Workout Kit EX2 By Emerge
Full Body Weight Workout Kit EX2 By Emerge
Full Body Weight Workout Kit EX2 By Emerge
Full Body Weight Workout Kit EX2 By Emerge
Full Body Weight Workout Kit EX2 By Emerge
Full Body Weight Workout Kit EX2 By Emerge
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Full Body Weight Workout Kit EX2 By Emerge

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What to Look for in a Suspension Trainer?

At face value, suspension trainers look pretty similar. You get a bunch of straps, some buckles and a couple of handles. But there’s more to selecting a quality suspension training device than meets the eye. The following 5 features will help you to identify the suspension trainers to meet your needs.

  • Compactness – a major benefit of suspension trainers is its portability. You want a unit that doesn’t weigh more than other pounds in total. It should come with its own carry case and pack up tightly so it can be thrown into the corner of your luggage bag.
  • Strap – The strap on suspension trainers are the things that are holding you up. You need to have total confidence that they will do the job, workout after workout. They need to be constructed of high grade webbing and adjustable. The buckles on the strap should be constructed of carbon fiber.
  • Anchor – Depending on whether you have a home or a commercial grade device, your unit will feature either a doorway or a ceiling / fixed wall mounting anchor. Make sure that the system is able to handle at least 350 pounds. If you are using it at home, you will also want to ensure that it won’t leave any marks on your door surrounds.
  • Support – With a new style of training like you get with suspension trainers, it’s important that there’s a good deal of support around the product. You should expect the suspension trainer to come with an instruction manual that steps you through the set up and provides you with some sample workouts.
  • Grips – The handles should be slip resistant, comfortable and ergonomically designed for functional movement around the wrist and forearm.

Is TRX the Best?

TRX were the original suspension exercise device. In fact, many people equate the brand TRX with the product category. But that doesn't mean that they are the best. The TRX suspension trainer, along with the TRX app, is the most expensive model on the market and there is no doubt that you are paying a premium for the TRX name. Yet the TRX suspension trainer does not offer any extra benefits over much less expensive models like Emerge. Emerge offers everything that you get with TRX but for about a third of the price. A TRX workout will not benefit you any more than an Emerge workout. So, ask yourself the question, why pay more just for the TRX name?

Make the smart move and save big $$$ - switch from TRX to Emerge!

  • Need a way to work out but can’t always make it to the gym? Try our EX 2 Suspension Trainer Workout Straps. Designed with every experience level in mind, these suspension straps create a total gym just about anywhere.
  • Use a traditional pull-up bar or move your workout outdoors and use a tree limb. Regardless of where you work out, when you buy our suspension trainer workouts straps, you can take your workout with you anywhere. Our suspension straps are perfect for working your lower body, your core, and your upper body.

Looking to have total body control for maximum results?

  • Five piece set with carrying bag
  • Easily stored
  • Ideal for Indoor/outdoor use
  • Helps improve metabolic rate

Designed to be both portable and durable

  • Strengthens the core muscles
  • Perfect for cardiovascular and muscular workouts
  • Great solution for any level of CrossFitter
  • Rugged construction makes them the perfect choice


  • We know how important your workout is to you. If you are like most competitive athletes, you can’t afford to miss a day at the gym. That’s why we’ve designed our suspension straps to be easily stored yet simple to transport. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your core, to improve your cardio workout, or to improve your metabolic rate while you are on the go, the EX2 Suspensions Trainer Workout Straps are the perfect solution.
  • The best part, they let you dig deep to increase muscle strength and mobility with a variety of exercise options.

Digging Deeper on Suspension Training

The Suspension Workout is a training workout regimen that features a suspension trainer and utilizes gravity resistance and the person’s own body weight, to turn every exercise into a challenge for the core muscles. There is no need for heavy gym equipment or a gym to train using the Suspension Workout method. All you need is a secure spot to anchor the suspension straps and you are good to go. Any secure place in your home or outside your house will do. You can use a door-frame, a tree, a pole, or a weight machine. Then all you need to do is use your feet or hands to hold onto the straps, depending on the exercise you want to do.

Suspension training has made a huge impact on the fitness scene over the last decade. The first suspension training device, the TRX, was released onto the market by former Navy Seal Randy Hettrick in 2005. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a gym that doesn’t feature a dedicated TRX suspension training area.

Suspension training has also infiltrated the home fitness market. As people discover the potential that suspension training features to engage their core, work their muscles in a whole new way and allow them to get in an awesome functional resistance workout without bulky equipment, the demand for these devices has skyrocketed. The TRX remains the top seller, and the most expensive! Emerge is a high quality alternative to TRX that really delivers. So, forget about TRX workouts and reach for Emerge.

When properly done, a suspension strength resistance workout using your own body weight offers significant development and advantages to your overall health and well-being, including increased bone, muscle, tendon and ligament durability and toughness, better joint function, decreased potential for injury, increased bone density, faster metabolism, stronger cardiac function, and increased levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. The right formula to achieve the optimum result is to ensure that you use your own weight properly, mix and match the exercises to confuse your muscles and most importantly, ensure safety by making sure all installations are sound at all times.

Suspension Training Benefits

You don’t become the most talked about fitness innovation of the age without good reason. Suspension training has got a lot going for it. Suspension resistance training combines the features of strength, balance, fitness and stability, meaning that you have the freedom to create fitness workouts that are truly multi-functional. Here are the key features . . .

  • Functional Movement

    When you work on a suspension device, you are improving the ability of your body to work as a dynamic machine, which is how it was designed. Most workouts you do in the gym work your muscles in isolation. Suspension resistance training doesn’t limit you in that way, enhancing your overall fitness.

    Even when you’re focusing on a target muscle, you will be working a range of other muscle groups at the same time. That all adds up to workouts that are more productive, more synergistic and more time efficient. That makes it a great form of strength training and fitness.

    When you’re working out with a suspension trainer, you will be supporting either one or both of your hands or feet in a handle or a cradle. The anchor at the other end of the unit is attached to a point of anchor. This puts greater demands on your muscles to have control over it throughout a range of planes of motion.

    At the same time, you are adding resistance. While handling that resistance, you are required to recruit more muscles in order to maintain your stability. If you have exercised with gymnastic rings, you will be forced to do the same thing.

    The difference with suspension training, is that you have just one point of anchor, which improves the stability of your joints and enhances your physical awareness. It also makes the core work harder, so that it gets a greater workout through every move that you perform.

  • Progressive

    Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, you’ll be able to get a challenging workout on a suspension training device. You can adjust the intensity of the exercise by moving your bodily position. The more upright you are, the easier it is. To make it harder, get more horizontal.

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic

    When you work out on a suspension trainer, you’ll be hitting both your muscles and your cardio system. That makes your training more time efficient and more productive, providing complete fitness body workouts.

  • Joint Friendly

    Working out on a suspension trainer is a very low impact way to exercise and improve fitness. This makes it ideal for the elderly, people who suffer from arthritis and anyone who is recovering from a joint related injury.

  • Targets the Mid-section

    When you use the suspension trainer, you are in a constant state of imbalance. To overcome this, the muscles of your middle will be working over-time to keep you stable. That turns every exercise you do into a move that builds core strength.

  • Unilateral Workouts

    With the suspension trainer, you are able to train a single limb by itself safely and easily. This is great when you have a muscular imbalance or are recovering from an injury to a limb.

  • Portability

    The lightweight, compact nature of the unit is a big plus. It will weight just a few pounds and so will add hardly any weight to your luggage when traveling.

6 Essential Training Tips

  • Don't Over-extend

    Making sure that you do not overstrain your muscles is important when working out using suspension trainers. Overextension is among the most common forms of injury to this system, but it’s easily avoidable. Move in fixed patterns and be fully aware of your range of motion, being sure to adjust to maintain natural positioning.

  • Keep Your Core Tight

    It is vital in suspension workout to keep a tight core and proper alignment. Imagine that you are a surfboard against a wall. Your frame should be rigid without bending. There should be no bowl effect on your back.

  • Keep Your Strap Tight

    The most important rule in suspension workout is that there should not be any slack in your adjustable trainer strap when you are working out. If there is a slack, then you are not doing it properly - adjust accordingly.

  • Don’t Swing

    You are developing bad workout habits if you are throwing yourself around. Be in control, and don’t swing around when you are suspending yourself.

  • Use Your Feet

    Where you place your feet plays a major role in almost every single suspension trainers exercise. Your feet act as support and leverage when you are doing the various positions of suspension workout. Feet placements also increase or decrease the intensity of an exercise, depending how and where you put them.
  • Anchoring Your Straps

    The suspension straps and anchors are portable and light-weight that you can set it up virtually in any place indoors or outdoors – home, gym, park, etc. To make your workout easy, enjoyable, and safe, be sure to attach your trainer in a very secure horizontal or vertical anchor point. Please be sure to test your anchor before you put your full body weight on the suspension bands. The anchor point must be between 7 to 9 ft off the ground. It must be sufficiently strong to support more than your body weight. The length of 6 Essential Training Tipsthe strap can be adjusted depending on the exercise you want to do.

    Be sure to test the sturdiness of your anchor first. Slowly pull hard on the trainer, suspending your body as close to the ground as you possibly can. When you can hold your body stably and you think that the anchor will hold then you are good to go. 

  • Indoor Anchors 

    When you are just starting on your suspension workouts and you feel a bit shy to do it outdoors, or when the weather makes it impossible to workout outside, here a few indoor mounting options. 

  • Door Anchors 

    Choose a door that opens away from you or with the door closing towards you. If the door is closing towards you, simply slide the anchor of the trainer over the top of the door and close it. Basically, your body weight will be pulling the door close.

    If the door opens towards you, anchor the trainer over the top of the door and pull towards the side of the door hinges. To make your door anchor secure, lock it. 

  • Ceiling Mount 

    If you are fully committed to suspension trainers, you can purchase an overhead anchoring system that can be fastened with a stud in the ceiling. A ceiling anchor allows you a 360-degree range of movements.

  • Beam Suspension 

    If you have a sturdy exposed beam, then you can use the general suspension trainers attachment. Wrap it around the beam as many times as needed to get the band at the right height.

  • Weight Rack Suspension 

    Similar to the beam suspension option, just wrap the trainer attachment around the high top of the weight rack or exercise machine. Be sure that the rack or machine is safely anchored to the ground.

  • Railing Suspension 

    If the railing is sturdy, you can wrap the trainer to it. The railing may enable you to use oblique positioning against a wall.

  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) 

    If you have enough space at home to mount a system, then you can set up a MultiMount for multi-person use or an S-Frame for larger group use.

  • Outdoor Anchors 

    When you want to train outside, here are the best outdoor options for an anchor.

  • Tree Branch 

    Just wrap around a low-sitting, thick tree branch for a back-to nature workout. Like all anchors, test the branch first if it can hold your weight without the branch breaking or cracking. 

  • 6 Basic Suspension Exercises

    Here's a half dozen exercises to get you started with your brand new Emerge suspension trainer. These are beginner exercises designed to give you a full body beginner’s program that will help you to start losing fat and toning and strengthening your muscles. Once you have experience with these exercises , you can add higher resistance moves.

    So, let’s get to it.

    Basic Beginner Exercises

    Basic Squat

    Set up your suspension trainer on an overhead anchor point so that the handles come down to about your navel. On this move you will basically be using the trainer to provide stability as you are going into and rising out of the squat. Grab the handles and lean back so that your hands come up to shoulder level. With your feet shoulder width apart, lean back slightly. Now squat down as if you are sitting in a chair. Keep your torso upright as you descend. Go down until your arms are nearly straight. Now push through your heels to drive back to the start position.

    Doing squats with the suspension trainer puts a lot more emphasis on your mid-section, which has to keep your body balanced.

    Do 3 sets of 15 reps.


    Set up your suspension trainer on an overhead anchor point so that the handles come down to about your navel. Grab the handles and bring them back to your ribcage area as you move your foot back to lean into the exercise. Your elbows should be behind you and your body should be about a 45-degree angle to the floor.

    Now simply bring one leg forward as far you can and then back. Alternate legs. Do will also feel this one directly in your mid-section area.

    Do 3 sets of 10 on each leg, alternating legs from rep to rep.


    Set up your suspension trainers on an overhead anchor point so that the handles come down to about your navel. Grab the handles and put your right forward. Now lean back until your arms are fully extended. Next, row your body up to and erect position. Aim to bring your elbows as far back behind you as possible. Use your back leg to provide you with stability and balance.

    Chest Press

    Set up your suspension trainers on an overhead anchor point so that the handles come down to about your navel. Hold the handles with an overhand grip (palms down). Place one leg forward and extend your arms out in front of you. Now bend your elbows as you bring your torso in between the handles. Try to get a good stretch through the chest. In the bottom position, your hands should be at the level of your jaw line. Now push back to the start position.

    Do 3 sets of 15 reps.


    Add your suspension trainer to an overhead anchor point so that the handles come all the way down to about 12 inches from the floor. Sit on the floor in front of the trainer and place your right foot in the handle. Now cross your left foot over your right one and place it into the other handle. From here flip your body so that you are in a standard plank position, but with your feet in the handles. Make sure that your toes are securely within the handles.

    Hold the plank position with your toes elevated in the air. You will find this much more difficult than a regular plank where you have your toes on the ground because of the extra stabilization and balance required from your mid-section muscles.

    Hold for 30-60 seconds (repeat 3 times).

    Putting It All Together

    These five exercises will provide you with a great beginner’s program that hits every area of your body, with a special emphasis on your mid-section muscles. Perform them as a single workout, moving directly from one to the other. Do the sets and reps prescribed above with about 30 seconds break between each exercise.


    Crossfit is a wear and tear sport so we test all of our gear to the highest professional standards. However, your satisfaction is our priority and if ANY of our products do not live up to your standards, we'll refund you the full price. No Questions Asked.

    Join us. We want to see you succeed!

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