Weight Training Belt by Emerge
Weight Training Belt by Emerge
Weight Training Belt by Emerge
Weight Training Belt by Emerge
Weight Training Belt by Emerge
Emerge Fitness

Weight Training Belt by Emerge

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How to use:
  • Conveniently set up at your gym or home
  • Hang, muscle up, and pull up to your heats content
  • Leave hanging or put away when finished. With easy set up and convenient portability you can take it with you wherever you go.

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Protect Your Back & Increase Your Lifts

  • Stabalize and reduce stress on the spine
  • Better body biomechanics and better performance
  • Abdominal & lower back support
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Perfect for powerlifting

Premium Quality, Durable & Comfortable

  • Six Inch Premium Padded Nylon Support
  • Increase your max lifts
  • Prevent lower back injury
  • Perfect fit technology
  • PROTECT YOUR LOWER BACK & INCREASE YOUR LIFTS: It is important for every gym enthusiast to have a premium quality, durable and comfortable weight lifting belt, it is no doubt a must have accessory. No matter you aim to increase your max lifts or just want to help protect your core and prevent possible lower back injuries, this weight belt is just the thing you need!
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE ABDOMINAL & LOWER BACK SUPPORT: Are you tired of those leather belts that have only a few specific pre-drilled holes, then you should definitely try this reliable adjustable lifting belt. It comes with Velcro support straps that will help you adjust the tightness of the belt as much as you require, making you feel comfortable and you wouldn't have to worry about it getting loose or untied.
  • COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: This weight lifting belt has a light, but a highly durable design that will help you with carrying out vigorous workouts and get through a lot of hard exercises. Apart from bodybuilding and powerlifting, this belt can also be used for explosive exercises.
  • THE LAST WEIGHTLIFTING BELT YOU'RE GOING TO BUY: This belt is nothing like those low-quality belts that are not durable and don't even last more than a few heavy workouts. But while making this weightlifting belt quality was kept in mind and it was made to be durable, it will prove to be the last weight lifting belt because it will last for a long time.
  • A RISK FREE INVESTMENT: At Emerge our customers satisfaction is our top priority, always has been always will be. So, if for some reason Emerge's unisex weightlifting belt doesn't live up to your expectations we will offer you a full refund or replace the belt!

Most Secure Nylon Lifting Belt on the Market



✔ Oversized Nylon Weightlifting Belt

✔ Provides Greater Overall Coverage Than Most

✔ Thin, Light, and Highly Durable

✔ Velcro type closure

The Best Alternative to Traditional Leather Weightlifting Belts


 FIRM SUPPORT FOR ABDOMEN & LOWER BACK even in the most intense weight training programs

 IMPROVE YOUR STABILITY & INCREASE LIFTS  Lifting Belts provide you the stability like no other workout support can.

 PREVENT INJURIES Choosing the right size belt is critical to its effectiveness in your workout. Use our sizing chart to determine which size Emerge Nylon Belt is right for you.

Easily Adjustable, Comfortable & Highly Durable

Also includes a steel tensioning buckle, making it easy to adjust the belt quickly when transitioning from light/body movement exercises to heavy lifting exercises. This belt is incredibly rugged to provide a lifetime of service. It is also available at a great price point. Perfect for every level of fitness enthusiast!

Why Use a Weightlifting Belt?

The purpose of a weightlifting belt is to produce more intra-abdominal pressure when you’re doing such exercises as squats and deadlifts. The weight lifter's belt keeps the stomach from expanding, allowing you to more effectively squeeze and brace your core when lifting.

The increased core pressure that is generated when you wear your weightlifting belt helps you to lift more weight. That’s because the lifting belt serves as a proprioceptive cue. Weightlifting belts reminds you to breathe and apply pressure against the belt.

To get the best out of your belt you need to know how to wear it. Place the belt around your belly button region. Don’t make the mistake of making it too tight. It should be slightly loose, ideally a notch back from a tight fit. The slight gap will permit you to expands the stomach into the belt as you continue to draw air into your stomach and expel it against the bracing that the belt offers.

You should limit your use of a weightlifting belt to your big exercises, such as

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Overhead Presses

Even with these moves, you should only use the belt during your heaviest, low rep sets. Keep the belt off during your higher rep warm up sets. A good point of reference is to strap on your belt when your reps get to eight or below.

If you are a fitness / weight training beginner , you probably don’t need a weight belt at all. Your body needs to learn how to breathe and brace itself naturally when using a heavy resistance prior to relying on a training aid. Continue without the belt until you have been training for a year.

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