Calf Sleeves FAQ

What do calf sleeves do?

Calf compression sleeves are designed to increase blood flow, reduce recovery time post-exercise, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. This all means you are ready for your next workout sooner, allowing yourself to train harder- perfect!

Are calf sleeves good for shin splints?

Yes absolutely! Calf sleeves are perfect for those suffering from shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and calf muscle strains and cramps. Note that they are not designed to cure these conditions, and you might need to seek further assistance to address the root cause of them. You should also consider massage, stretching, strengthening, and your footwear, in conjunction with wearing compression sleeves.

Are calf sleeves good for varicose veins?

You might have heard that compression is the right treatment for varicose veins, and while this is true, the fact is you actually need a thigh high medical grade compression sleeve to treat varicose veins effectively. It’s best to get some medical advice when training with varicose veins to do so safely.

What compression strength should calf sleeves be?

A calf sleeve should be in the region of 10-40mmHg compression, the level of compression required will depend on each athletes individual circumstances.

Why should I wear calf sleeves?

Wearing calf sleeves will improve your circulation, therefore improving performance and decreasing the rate of muscle fatigue. They will help you recover from workouts quicker, meaning you are ready for the next one sooner!

What size calf sleeve should I get?

Our handy measuring guide is here to help with that!