Gym Rings FAQ

What are gymnastic rings?

Gym rings are a set of apparatus consisting of two rings that hang freely from a horizontal support by straps. They are very light and therefore portable, so you can set them up wherever you go.

Are wooden gymnastic rings better than plastic or metal rings?

Our wooden gymnastic rings are a popular choice for a reason. Many athletes feel that a wooden ring provides better grip, lessens the amount of tearing and calluses on the skin, and just feels better. There is also less slippage when your hands become sweaty during a workout.

Should I choose a wooden or plastic ring?

Of course, when it’s your workout, you need to find what works best for you. We’ve found that many athletes prefer a wooden ring, for the reasons listed above. However, if you are working out in an environment involving moisture and direct sunlight, these will eventually wear down wooden rings, whereas plastic or metal will not be impacted.

How do I hang my gymnastic rings?

First off, you need to find a decent location to set up. This should be horizontal: a metal bar is perfect. Throw the buckle over the location where you wish to set up, the logo on the strap should face outwards.
For a bit of extra support you can throw the buckle over once more to prevent lateral slippage.Feed the ring through the buckle once in place and feed the tail-end of the strap through the BOTTOM of the buckle. To feed it through, press on the tab located on the top of the buckle and pull the tail-end through until the hanging portion of the strap is as high as you desire it to be.Repeat with the other ring, ensuring both are at an equal height.

How high should I hang my rings?

You want to hang your rings in a space where there is enough clearance for you to perform all exercises involving the rings, whilst maintaining a height where you can do pull-ups with a straight body. We suggest a height of between 9 and 13 feet high. Being fully adjustable, you can always raise or lower them as required.

How far apart should my rings be?

Gymnastic standards suggest a width of 50cm, or just wider than shoulder width, to allow for comfortable training.

Where can I hang my rings?

There’s a multitude of different places you can hang your rings from, here’s some suggestions:
  • Pull up bars
  • Exposed beams
  • Tree branches (place a towel over before setting up rings)
  • Goal posts
  • Park equipment

What muscles are worked when using rings?

Although a routine involving gymnastic rings is great for the whole body, it is the shoulder, arm, back and abdominal muscle groups that are predominantly used for these types of workout.

What exercises can I do on gymnastic rings?

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