Gymnastic Grips FAQ

How should gymnastic grips fit?

One common mistake is wearing a grip that is too small for your hand. You do NOT want the grip to be really tight on your palm, otherwise you are going to suffer from tears and calluses. The grip should have some flexibility to allow you to the full range of motion required for various exercises.

How do gymnastic grips work?

The grip serves two purposes. Firstly, to protect the palm of the hand while working out, and secondly, to provide leverage whilst holding equipment, therefore reducing the amount of hand pressure needed to maintain a hold.

How do gymnastic grips help me?

A well fitted pair of grips will help provide leverage and maintain holds on equipment, and will help to prevent your hands from tears and calluses.

How to clean gymnastic grips?

Grips need to dry out between WODs to extend their lifespan, but do NOT wash them. If necessary they can be brushed clean once dry.

How to measure for gymnastic grips?

To get the perfect size, measure around the circumference of your flat hand, not including the thumb. Click here to get the perfect size.

Do gymnastic grips prevent hands ripping?

We’re not gonna lie, wearing grips does not mean you won’t ever get a rip or callus again, but by wearing them when working out, more friction is being taken by the grip than your hand so they will help to protect against rips in the long run.

What exercises do I need to wear grips for?

Grips come into their own when working on a pull up bar. Kipping is what generally causes the most hand tears, so if you’re doing pull ups, muscle ups, kip-toe-to-bar exercises, then you’ll want to grab yourself a pair of these !

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