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Emerge Fitness EX2 Suspension Trainer

suspension trainer

We finally upgraded the EX1 Suspension Trainer to a more durable, higher quality product.The Emerge EX2 Suspension Trainer is the perfect blend of innovation, functionality and affordability in the suspension home trainer space. This premium quality 5-piece set comes with a carry bag and provides you with the following high-end features:

  •       Easy to Hang
  •       Door Anchors
  •       Strong Carabiners
  •       Sturdy Grip
  •       Easily Adjustable
  •       Heavy Duty
  •       Fast Adjust
  •       Military Grade

The Emerge EX2 comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. This is the most cost-effective suspension training system currently on the market – just a fraction the cost of the TRX – yet able to perform just as effectively as TRX or any other brand. Check out the Emerge EX2 Suspension Trainer now. 


Emerge Fitness Vibrating Foam Roller - VIBR

The Emerge Vibrating Foam Roller is a premium massage and back pain solution that provides you with . . .

  • 3 speed vibration
  • Rugged exterior
  • Long battery life
The digital circuitry contained with the massager provides you with three speeds of high vibration. The exterior of the roller features a series of small ridges and is ergonomically grooved to allow for deeper access to soft tissue in order to target your trigger points.
The Emerge Vibrating Roller provides you with an extraordinary week’s worth of battery life off a single charge of the batteries. The roller operates at 50-60 Hz and comes with a universal charging cable. The dense foam on this roller provides you with the most effective deep tissue manipulation. This is the highest quality foam roller on the market and it is available at an incredible price point. Check out the Emerge Vibrating Foam Roller here.

Emerge Fitness Wooden Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic RIngs

Emerge Wooden Gymnastic rings provide you with that strong, sure and confident grip that you need to perform at your best. These premium grips will also improve your coordination, stability and focus. Your purchase includes two solid 9-inch wooden rings and two Heavy Duty Trainers and Military-Grade Straps.

These Emerge gymnastic rings are able to hold an incredible 800 pounds of bodyweight. They are easy to set up, allowing you to quickly start performing hundreds of full body workouts that require you to use all of your muscle groups together. The compact, lightweight design of this gym set makes them perfect travel companions. They are covered by the Emerge 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Find the best price of Emerge Wooden Gymnastic Rings here.



Emerge Fitness Calf Compression Sleeves

Calf Compression

Emerge Fitness Calf Compression Sleeves are designed to work with your body to eliminate lower body pain and discomfort during your weightlifting or CrossFit workout. These sleeves are completely breathable, making them extremely comfortable and lightweight; the ideal complement for Cross Fitters and other trainers who struggle with shin splints, calf injury or any other lower-body injury.

Emerge Calf Compression Sleeves are designed to reduce muscle trauma and vibration, which is why they are the perfect choice for athletes looking for muscle and joint stabilization. They feature four-way stretch fabrication to maintain shape and allow for greater mobility. They also provide a fitted next to skin fit without the squeeze. The LYCRA construction will have you looking and feeling great. Find the Emerge Fitness Calf Compression Sleeve here.


Emerge Fitness 7mm Knee Sleeve 

The Emerge 7mm Knee Compression Sleeve is the perfect solution for anyone suffering with knee problems. They are designed to enhance muscle performance and mobility and provide you with the unrestricted movement to perform.

Emerge knee sleeves are made from high-end neoprene, providing breathability and freedom of movement. These sleeves will deliver improved joint performance, injury prevention, rapid muscle, and joint recovery. This high quality, durable knee sleeve features thermal warming to retain heat in the joint and surrounding muscles. Different sizes are available and your purchase is covered by Emerge’s money-back guarantee. Explore Emerge Fitness 7mm Knee Sleeve in greater detail.


Emerge Fitness OX2 Workout Grips

Emerge Fitness OX2 Workout Hand Grips are made to meet the needs of weightlifters, CrossFitters and gymnasts. With these grips you are able to retain full finger control on the bar while also giving you the surest, most secure grip. No longer will sweat slippage rob of you those last vital reps and no longer will you have to endure the discomfort of calluses and ripped palms.

Emerge Fitness OX2 Workout hand grips deliver a tight fit for longer lasting comfort. There are a number of size options available. The natural hand grip molds to your hand, while the wrist support provides extra padding, straps and wraps to provide support for the wrist. This can be very valuable when performing Olympic Lifts. Discover your new favorite Emerge OX2 Workout Grips here.


Emerge Fitness Weightlifting Belt

The Emerge weightlifting training power belt features a 6-inch premium padded nylon support. It is fully adjustable for enhanced abdominal and lower back support. Unlike those other brands that provide you with few pre-drilled adjustment holes, the Emerge lifting belt comes with Velcro support straps that will help you adjust the tightness of the belt as much as you require, making you feel comfortable and eliminating the worry about it getting loose or untied.

The Emerge weightlifting training power belt has a light but durable design. The oversized build provides you with greater core coverage than you would get with most other lifting belts. This great belt is available at a great price and is covered by the Emerge satisfaction guarantee. Check out Emerge Fitness Weightlifting Belt.


Emerge Fitness Resistance Pull Up Bands

Emerge Fitness Pull Up Resistance Bands are made from a composite high-density treated rubber to provide the highest level of durability and flexibility. Because we use only the highest quality materials we are confident that our resistance bands will be stronger than any market competitors.

Emerge Fitness Pull Up Resistance Bands are available in five different resistance levels and are completely portable, making them ideal travel training companions. Find the Emerge Fitness Resistance Pull Up Band here.