Redeem My Warranty

Something go wrong with your Emerge gear?


Imagine purchasing the best exercise equipment ever.

You love it and you use it all the time in your workouts.  Now imagine never having to buy it again and it never wears out and you can replace it anytime you need if anything ever happens... forever.

That's what we mean by our unique VIP 100% Lifetime Warranty.  

And you are here to redeem your warranty.  Congrats!  Your replacement gear will be on the way soon.  

Please take a second to help us keep our stuff straight by filling out the short 1 minute survey below.  Your answers will in no way affect your replacement - you are guaranteed to get your new gear as quickly as 5-7 business days.  Your answers will simply help us figure out how we can improve our designs to better serve future customers and you!

For our records, we do ask that you email a picture of your gear to

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