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Calf Compression Sleeves by Emerge
Calf Compression Sleeves Fitness - Emergefitnessusa
Calf Compression Sleeves by Emerge
Calf Compression Sleeves by Emerge
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Calf Compression Sleeves by Emerge

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Focus on reaching your goals and staying competitive

No one likes to be in pain while training. We understand your focus is on reaching your goals and staying competitive. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to design calf compression sleeves that work with your body to eliminate lower body pain and discomfort during your weightlifting or CrossFit workout.

Our breathable calf compression sleeves are the ideal solution for any CrossFitter who struggles with shin splints, calf injury, or any other lower body injury that impedes progress. We know you can’t allow pain and discomfort to distract you from making those gains.

Designed with comfort and durability in mind

Our calf compression sleeves are designed to reduce muscle trauma and vibration, which is why they are the perfect choice for athletes looking for muscle and joint stabilization. In fact, our calf compression sleeves aid in blood circulation and coordination. They are designed with both comfort and durability in mind. 

We only use state of the art technology to for moisture management when we manufacture our compression calf sleeves. They are the perfect breathable solution for weightlifters and CrossFitters looking to increase stability while training to compete or while seeking to keep making those gains.


✔ Fitted - Next-to-skin without the squeeze

✔ 4-Way Stretch - Fabrication allows greater mobility and maintains shape

✔ Look & Feel Great - Engineered with LYCRA to help you look and feel ready to work!


Compression Running Calf Sleeves pair are made with snug-fitting, sweat-wicking fabric for a supportive, comfortable fit.


 TRAIN HARDER - Emerge Compression Running Calf Sleeves allow you to go full-throttle on your workout without being interrupted by shin splints or calf pain.

 RECOVER FASTER - Compression Calf Sleeves are designed to improved circulation and provide faster muscle recovery.

✔ REDUCE FATIGUE - Our Calf Sleeves will help reduce discomfort allowing you to conitnue training longer

✔ INCREASE CIRCULATION for an effect that prevents injuries and perform longer

✔ GREAT PRICE - You will love the dollar savings when you become an EMERGE customer


  • ULTIMATE SHIN & CALF PROTECTION - Emerge Calf Sleeves provide circulatory benefits to help protect and ease discomfort from shin splints, calf cramps/strains, and Achilles tendonitis. Wearing our calf sleeves will make your injury feel better, allowing you to continue training & prevent new injuries!
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE COMPRESSION - There's nothing worse than compression material slipping, bunching or being too tight. Our Calf Sleeves use LYCRA and Medical Circular 360 degree knit construction to ensure a lasting compression that doesn't lose elasticity. To prevent shrinkage, just wash with cold water and hang dry.
  • PERFECT FOR RUNNERS AND ATHLETES - Enhanced blood circulation & muscle recovery for Running, Basketball, Endurance Activities, Workout Sessions, Competitions & Races, General Sporting Activities. Perfectly fitted with Extreme Moisture Management | SPF 50 Sun protection.
  • RECOVER FASTER, REDUCE FATIGUE & PREVENT INJURIES - Support blood flow to help protect and ease discomfort from shin splints, calf cramps / strains, and Achilles tendonitis. Our sleeves help reduce discomfort during recovery, allowing you to continue training or prevent new injuries from occurring.

Calf Sleeve Features

  • Available in size small-extra large
  • Designed for both males and females
  • Increases blood flow to your lower legs
  • Enhances workout performance
  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Helps prevent lower leg injuries
  • Shin Splints, Calf Cramps, Strains, and Achilles tendonitis
  • Prevents swelling

Compression Sleeves Buyers Guide

The compression level of a calf compression sleeve will determine its effectiveness. Look for sleeves with graduated compression which will help to offset the effects of gravity because it helps the body return deoxygenated blood and lactic acid to the heart to be resupplied with oxygen.

The construction material of your calves compression sleeves should provide the support that you need. Those who run on dirt roads and country trails should look for sleeves that are thick to provide protection from scratches and bugs. Marathon runners will want a calf sleeves compression that is lightweight and moisture wicking to deliver the performance and compression calf comfort that your legs need.

Our compression sleeves for calves are designed for both men and women.