Wooden Gymnastics Rings by Emerge
Wooden Gymnastics Rings by Emerge
Wooden Gymnastics Rings by Emerge
Gymnastic Wooden Rings Fitness - Emergefitnessusa
Gymnastic Wooden Rings Fitness - Emergefitnessusa
Wooden Gymnastics Rings by Emerge
Wooden Gymnastics Rings by Emerge
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Wooden Gymnastics Rings by Emerge

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How to use:
  • Conveniently set up at your gym or home
  • Hang, muscle up, and pull up to your heats content
  • Leave hanging or put away when finished. With easy set up and convenient portability you can take it with you wherever you go.

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Why Our Rings are Top Rated

Focus and coordination are crucial to a good workout. Our wooden rings are the perfect solution to increase your attention span and coordination while boosting strength and mobility. We understand that a well-rounded athlete is what makes a great athlete.
For this reason, we recommend trying our CrossFit rings.

Easy to Set Up

  • Includes two wooden gym rings and adjustable straps
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble and easy to adjust
  • Improves muscles and strength in core, abdomen, and arms

Boost Athletic Performance

  • Improves coordination and focus
  • Balance between strength, mobility and focus
  • Increase your attention span and coordination
  • Boost strength and mobility

Most Secure Gymnastics Rings on the Market


  • 2x Solid 9" Wooden Rings 
  • 2x Heavy Duty Trainers and Military-Grade Straps 
  • Holds up to 800lbs!

These are the strongest and most secure suspension gymnastic rings you can buy.

Easy Setup for Flexibility of Training Anywhere

Gym rings allow you to do hundreds of full body workouts that require you to use all of your muscle groups together

Gymnastics rings require you to manipulate your entire body weight through space

Premium Straps and Buckles That Won't Break


  • GET A RIPPED UPPER BODY - There are few tools that can build a strong, ripped upper body as effectively as gymnastics rings.
  • IMPROVE YOUR STABILITY & COORDINATION -  Gymnastic Rings simultaneously build strength, stability, and coordination like no other workout machine can.
  • WORKOUT ANYWHERE - Gymnastic Rings require minimum storage space and are easy to transport. Because you can suspend them nearly anywhere, you can workout wherever you go (Gym, Home, Hotel or Outside).

Working Out With Gymnastic Rings Feels Great

A workout that incorporates gymnastic rings is an excellent way to find a balance between strength, mobility, and focus. Built for an Olympic caliber athlete, these rings are perfect for ring push ups, ring rows, ring dips, back levers, front levers, muscle-ups, ice cream makers, pull-ups, scarecrows, skin the cats, and anything else you want to try.

Our rings are designed with an easy to grip texture so that they are both light and durable. If you are looking to ramp up every nuance of your workout, our rings are the ideal product. Stronger arms and a solid core will be the result of time spent using gymnastic rings. When you commit to a workout with CrossFit rings, you will make those ever so coveted gains. Dig deep and try to add balance to your strength training.

With a wooden ring workout, you are bound to take your fitness to the next level.

7 Reasons to Start Using Rings

  • Versatility - you can set them up anywhere from a pull-up bar to a tree and perform both push and pull exercises using the ultimate resistance - your own body!
  • Instability - when you are working your muscles, instability is your friend. It creates what is known as proprioception, which forces your muscles to work together to provide balance and stability. The muscles of the core are especially benefited by proprioceptive training.
  • Leg & Core Training - With the Emerge heavy duty gym rings you are able to bring the straps all the way down to the floor. This gives you the ability to perform such exercises as Bulgarian split squats and lunges. The added instability makes these moves more heavy duty. You can also train your core with a range of moves that are guaranteed to chisel away at your midsection.
  • Grip versatility - when you train on wood rings, you have the ability to change your grip mid way through an exercise. The change from a pronated to supinated position on such moves as ring dips will work your target muscle groups in unique ways that will help you get bigger and stronger faster.
  • Joint Friendly - Training with wooden gymnastics rings is better for your joints because the rings are better able to adapt to the changing positions of your shoulder girdle as you perform your exercises.
  • Builds strength and muscle fast - you just need to take a look at the physique of a top level gymnast to appreciate how working the rings can build massive amounts of strength and muscle while you improve your gym skills. There is no question that ring training will get you bigger and stronger.


Crossfit is a wear and tear sport so we test all of our gear to the highest professional standards. However, your satisfaction is our priority and if ANY of our products do not live up to your standards, we'll refund you the full price. No Questions Asked.

Join us. We want to see you succeed!

Gymnastic Rings Buyer's Guide

The first thing you need to think about when buying rings is whether to go for wood or plastic. The answer is clear - wood rings have it all over plastic ones. For a start, wood rings feel much better in your grip. They will not wreck your hands the way that plastic ones will. This is especially the case when doing Muscle Ups. If you've ever tried them with plastic rings, you'll know all about the calluses that can result. Switch over to wood to improve your grip and avoid that annoying hand pain.

Another major benefit of heavy duty wood rings over plastic ones is that they absorb your sweat much better. The last thing you want when you're working in mid air is for your hands to be sliding all over the place due to sweat build up. Yet that is precisely what you will end up with if you train with plastic rings. Go with wood to avoid the perspiration blues!

Now that you know to go with wood rings, you need to think about the actual thickness of the ring. The International Federation of Gymnastics standard is 1.1 inches (28 mm). If the ring is either too thin or too thick you will not be able to perform properly as your grip will be compromised.

Some gym rings are very heavily laminated. Do not buy them! Instead go for a raw wood item that is smooth and natural. It can have a light coating of laminate but that should be about it. Heavily laminated wood rings are a nightmare to grip onto and will get sweat slippery .

When it comes to straps, be sure to get a set with as long straps as you can get. Do not buy an item that has less than 15 feet of strap length. The extra length of heavy duty straps will give you more flexibility when it comes to hanging the wood rings on high objects. Longer heavy duty straps will also allow you to perform a wider range of exercises such as push ups. When it comes to strap thickness, look for a one inch thick strap. Straps that are much thicker than that will be likely to produce too much friction on the object that they are hanging from.