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  • Premium Nylon Pad (6”)
  • Military-Grade Webbing
  • Easy-To-Adjust Support
  • Steel-Tensioning Buckle
  • Efficient Biomechanic Design

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It is important for every gym enthusiast to have a premium quality, durable, and comfortable weightlifting belt. Whether you aim to increase your max lifts or just want to help protect your core and prevent possible lower back injuries, this weight belt is just the thing you need!


  • 6" Premium Nylon Pad for Firm Abdomen Support
  • Velcro-Type Closure for Adjustability
  • Military-Grade Webbing for Stable Abdomen and Back Support
  • Steel-Tensioning Buckle for Easy Transition from Light to Heavy Lifting
  • Lightweight and Highly Durable
  • Unisex
  • Unlimited Customer Support Access and Emerge Workout Content



Our weight training belt is designed to be the best alternative to traditional leather weightlifting belts. This weightlifting belt has a light, but a highly durable design that will help you with carrying out vigorous workouts and get through a lot of difficult exercises. Apart from bodybuilding and powerlifting, this belt is also best used for explosive range of exercises.

With our Emerge Weightlifting Belt, you can now have a firm and stable support for abdomen and lower back, improve your stability and increase lifts, and prevent injuries while lifting and working out!


The purpose of a weightlifting belt is to produce more intra-abdominal pressure when you’re doing such exercises as squats and deadlifts. The weightlifter's belt keeps the stomach from expanding, allowing you to squeeze and brace your core when lifting more effectively.

The increased core pressure that is generated when you wear your weightlifting belt helps you to lift more weight.


Emerge weightlifting belt gives you support and protection anywhere.

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Try It 60-Days Risk FREE | Designed in USA

100% Money Back Guarantee | 64 Reviews

  • Premium Nylon Pad (6”)
  • Military-Grade Webbing
  • Easy-To-Adjust Support
  • Steel-Tensioning Buckle
  • Efficient Biomechanic Design


When Should I Use A Weightlifting Belt?

You should wear a weightlifting belt when there is a heavy load on your spine, for example barbell lifts including squats and deadlifts, and during various Olympic lifts.

Why Should I Buy A Weightlifting Belt?

To protect the spine when it is under a heavy load of course! It is not the belt that is supplying the extra support though, it is actually the way the body reacts to the belt that supplies the spinal support. The belt helps support the spine so you can take on heavier loads. A belt can also improve muscle growth in the long term, as studies have shown wearing a belt during exercises such as squats increases the muscle activity of the quads and hamstrings, which promotes muscle growth. It can also improve body biomechanics, as wearing a belt forces you to be lifting more with your legs than your back. Spinal flexion and extension is reduced, whilst flexion of the knees and hips is increased.

How Tight Should A Weightlifting Belt Be?

The point of a weightlifting belt is to provide support and stability to your spine, and to increase intra-abdominal pressure. To do this, you need to contract your abs against the belt, so as a rule of thumb, wear it one notch looser than the tightest it could fit on you. If you can fit your hand between the belt and your stomach, you should be good to go.

Is A Weightlifting Belt Necessary?

There is certainly no need to be wearing a belt all the time when you work out, but when the spine is under a heavy load, then we’d say yes! You want to prevent injury and increase the stability of the spine, and a belt is a fantastic tool to help with this.

Where Do I Position The Belt?

Wherever it is comfortable is the best way to answer this question! You don’t want the belt to be forced into your hips or under your ribcage, so wear it in a position where it provides comfort, support, and allows you to create the right amount of pressure against it. Don’t fasten it as tight as can be, you’ll be incredibly uncomfortable, and won’t get the benefit from it.

What Benefits Will I Get From Wearing A Weightlifting Belt?

You’ll get: A stabilised spine and solid core, Better body biomechanics, Prevention of injury, Increased performance.

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JoshuaVerified BuyerUSA

Better than expected

I am used to the heavier leather belts, as this one is replacing my old tattered one. I was surprised how light this one is and was concerned about the support it could give being so light. But don't let looks fool you! I used this for squats, deadlifts and bench and it gave me the full support that I'm used to. And with the velcro strap it was so much easier to adjust than my old leather belt! I definitely recommend this belt to anyone!!

BrandonVerified BuyerUSA


I have been weight lifting for years and have tried many different types of belts. The support and comfort of this belt is the best I've seen. The padded material is much more comfortable than the hard leather belts I've had before. Also, the Velcro allows for an exact fit compared to picking the closest fit hole in a leather belt. Highly recommended!

AliVerified BuyerUSA

5 Star!!

Love the belt, feels great, sturdy yet soft. Very durable material!!!