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OX2 Features

  • Tight fit for longer lasting comfort
  • Callous free training
  • Gives you a stronger hand grip
  • Gives you greater comfort
  • Gives stability and support
  • Size options available
  • Natural hand grip molds to your hand

Don’t let grip issues set your training back

Don’t let sweaty hands set your training back. You need the right set of hand grips to help you keep a hold of those weights. Our OX2 Workout Hand Grips are made to meet the needs of weightlifters and CrossFitters and gymnasts.

We understand that there’s no time for blisters when working out and that losing your grip on a bar can lead to injury and setbacks. Those small annoyances can get in the way of substantial gains, which is why we’ve developed our work out hand grips to keep your hands blister and moisture free. Designed with both men and women in mind, our hand grips make grabbing that barbell, or that pull-up bar feel completely natural.

Our design team made sure to create our workout hand grips with you in mind. The velcro wrist strap allows you to adjust the grips to fit you precisely. The natural hand grip molds to your hand creating a natural feel and the durable construction will keep your hands safe for a long time.

If you are looking to increase the number of chin ups you do, or if you want to climb the rope a few more times, or if you just want to increase your reps with the barbells or the dumbbells, the proper hand grips are the perfect accessory to help you reach those goals.

A natural feel with durable construction

  • NO MORE CALLUSES - Workouts with torn hands are a pain. Not any more. Say goodbye to slow frustrating training, torn hands, ring finger calluses and sweaty hand grips. Get ready for callus free, comfortable hands in your training. Our breathable grip/wrist wraps are the perfect palm protectors for men and women pushing their boundaries.
  • SMASH YOUR PBS & ACCELERATE YOUR GAINS - We all want to improve. Complete multiple high rep workouts and protect your palms in the process. Perfect for kettlebell swings, toes-to-bars, kipping and butterfly pull ups and all other exercises where you don't want a slipping grip. Keep your grip without excess chalking.
  • FAST AND EASY TO BREAK IN - Many grips dig in and are uncomfortable, pinch, blister, restrict movement, or make calluses worse. We use extremely durable but comfortable textured leather callus guards that our cross athletes tell us are the "...easiest pull up grips I've ever had to break in." Feel physically stronger in comfort with Emerge essential hand protectors.
  • VARIETY OF PALM GRIPS SIZES AVAILABLE - Getting the wrong size reduces the effectiveness of any grip. Like all exercise gloves, workout gloves, wrist wraps and wrist straps, sizing is important. We recommend the size smaller if you're unsure. Our easy size guide will have you working out in comfort in no time.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If, for whatever reason, you don't absolutely love your Emerge Fitness Grips, just return them, and we'll refund every penny (or replace them, if there’s a problem). Don't wait to order your new Emerge Grips today!


Tired Of Sore Hands And Calluses From Your Workouts? 

Wish you could get more out of your weekly or even daily training? 

Say goodbye to sore hands and frustrating workouts for ever. 

Calluses are areas of thick skin caused by pressure or friction. The pressure causes the skin to die and form a hard, protective surface. While training they may cause pain and with high intensity workouts, they can tear leaving sores that put your training back weeks. Remove the friction and pressure on your hands by protecting your palms and you will have protected hands and a far stronger grip to produce better performances in your workouts. 


✔︎ CALLUS FREE TRAINING - Comfortable, Breathable Gym Grips to protect your hands in your WOD’s or gymnastics training. 

✔︎ STRONGER GRIP - Palm reinforced with PVC leather & silicone printing for better grip. 

✔︎ EXTRA STABILIZATION AND SUPPORT - Longer wrist wraps for superior support. 

Our Athletes say ‘My Grip feels as strong at the end of the session as it did at the beginning.’ 

Make WODs easy and up your personal bests.

Get them as the perfect gift for a training partner you know with our deals above.


XS 6" - 6.9"
S 6.9" - 7.7"
M 7.7" - 8.6"
L 8.6" - 9.4"
XL 9.4" - 10.2"